Aerial Straps (Solo/Duo)
Aerial Rope
Acrosport: Hand to Hand and Group Acrobatics
Juggling: Group Juggling
Musician: Trumpet and Baritone Horn

2008-2011 The Circus School of Quebec: Specializing in Aerial Straps, Aerial Rope, and  Hand Balancing.  Also Trained in Hand-to-Hand, Russian Bar, Acrobatics, Juggling, Dance (Classic Ballet and Contemporary), and Physical Theatre

2007 The National Circus School of Montreal (ENC): Specializing in Hand Balancing, Hand to Hand, and Aerial Rope. Secondary disciplines: Acrosport, Acrobatics, Juggling, Trampoline, Power Track, Dance (Classic Ballet) and Acting.

2006 The San Francisco Circus Center: Hand Balancing, Chinese Pole, Aerial Straps, Acrobatics, Trampoline, Clown, Flexibility, and Aerial-Specific Strength Conditioning

2002-2006 The AGC! (Amazing Grace Youth Circus): Clowning, Human Pyramids

2016: The Muse (New York City) - Aerial Straps
2010-2016: Circus School of Quebec (Professional program) - Aerial Straps, Hand-Balancing and Flexibility
2004-2008: Amazing Grace Circus! Summer Day Camp (Nyack, New York) - Juggling, Acrobatics, Clown and Aerials

Spectacles Dragao

Aerial Straps Duo, Troupe Maison (choreography/Acting/Dancing)

Cirque Du Soleil: Le Monde Est Fou (Quebec)

Aerial Straps, Group Juggling and General Acrobat

Haut-Vol Haunt '17 (USA)

Aerial Straps, Hand-Balancing

Broadway: PIPPIN The Musical (USA)

Hand-Balancing, Acrosport, Juggling, Musician: Accordion and House Dancer/Actor

Cirque Du Soleil: Les Chemin Invisibles (Quebec)

Acrobatics, Whip(s), Character and Musician: Trumpet

Les 7 Doigts de la Main (The 7 Fingers): PSY (France/Austria/USA)

Chinese Pole Duo, Group Juggling and General Acrobat

Chicago Contemporary Circus Festival (USA)


Traumfabrik! (Germany)



Hand-Balancing, Acrosport, Juggling, Musician: Accordion and House Dancer/Actor

Les Productions Haut-Vol: King's Island Halloween (USA)

Hand-Balancing (Stacking), Aerial Straps

Busch Gardens Amusement Park: Entwined (USA)

Aerial Straps, Hand-Balancing and Acrobatic Captain

Les Production Haut-Vol: Lake Compounce Amusement Park (USA)

Hand-Balancing, Aerial Straps and Power Track

The Shriner's Family Circus

Hand-Balancing, Aerial Straps Duo and Aerial Pagoda

Special Event: First Energy (Calgary)

Rope Wall

Les 7 Doigts de la Main (The 7 Fingers): Amuse (Mexico)

Chinese Pole Duo and Musician: Trumpet

Literature Festival of Quebec

Hand-Balancing and Musician: Trumpet

Special Event: Canadian Cardiovascular Society (Montreal)

Duo Straps

MUSIK Nightclub (Toronto)

Hand-Balancing, Duo Straps, Aerial rope and...The Other Guy